paper animals

by Hemlock for Socrates

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on the table 02:23
Don't keep it waiting on the table. It’s hot and steaming. Should we come now? Pound of bacon, side of beef Garlic, mushrooms, onion, cheese- pressure cooking's obsolete Don't you know we use sous vide? Drown the meat in water and set the perfect temperature- it should be so easy Don't go to any trouble. You really shouldn't work so hard. You deserve it, sit right down. No don't get up. Just relax. Let us take over.
Yeah I should have known, should have known the night we met the night that we were marching, signs held high that what we had would never last But how could I have seen just who you really were through the sirens smoke and noise outside the shopping mall riot The way you looked at me that night the invitation was painfully clear No you didn't have to say it out loud Yeah I should have known better than to ask to take you home Yeah I should have known -- yeah i should have kept quiet If we should fall back into each others’ arms would it be so wrong? If we should fall back into each others’ arms whose fault would it be? I see you still have feelings for me When I first saw you, I knew you were the one- you were different- so sensitive, so aware You were shouting as loud as we were- no, louder even When you said you wanted to take me home, what else could I do? I wanted to reward you. If we fall back into each other’s arms would it be so wrong? If we fall back into each other’s arms, whose fault would it be? You still have feelings for me. The night that it was over - the night we bombed the bank You gave away how you really felt Though i’m sure you didn’t know… you didn’t know what you were saying And as I watched you light the fuse, I decided, yeah I decided That it was time to break the rules of the game you always thought that we were playing And that was your last chance to get it right but that last night… you got it wrong Yeah i’m afraid I had you right I was right all along The night of the bombing I saw you for who you really were- not so different, so oblivious and so sure. I was disgusted by the smell of ashes on your skin when you kissed me, your arm so tight round my neck. You told me it was right, we were making a difference but I knew, as I straightened my hair, that it was over I could argue but why would I bother when I’m right. You’re wrong. I was right all along.
warren 06:33
I'm staring at your mouth, the fullness of your lips I'm falling down the rabbit hole, I'm crushing on you. Jump, jump You're so quick, but you'll be mine when I want you. Jump, jump. You can’t get away. I’m hearing your steps- I know it’s you. I’ll grab you by the scruff when you come near. You’re so quick, but you’ll be mine when I want you Jump jump You can’t get away. I’m stroking your hair - so sleek, so soft. I won’t hurt you, I’m trembling with love. You’re so quick, but you’ll be mine when I want you Jump jump You can’t get away. I’m holding your body- so warm and strong. I’m pressing you to me, you won’t get away.
origami 03:09
I got a paper cut folding your origami. It began cerulean, now it's purple. I want to crush it, but the color is liquid and deep. Should I make you another? My time is spent and I have an imperfect product. What can I do with the fucked up thing? Give it, throw it, will it away. destroy it, desert it, devalue, desecrate.
Why tug and tear at a plastic package? We can free you from all that frustration It really hurts us to see you struggle Even though you’re beautiful when you get mad Now there you go; you go and get all tight-lipped You would not believe all the things gave up for you We’ve come a long way from the desert and the jungle We’ve got an easy-open tab for you to pull We made it easier to open up We made it easier to open up So throw your scissors away You won’t need them anymore And now you’re running through the supermarket Jackals and wolves bare their teeth all around you You smell rebellion but dare not spark it That razor blade in your hand has an ugly edge Now we can help you cut yourself free from this It won't hurt a bit; it won't cost a thing You’ll just need to promise to be different Different from the rest of them; different just like us We made it easier to leave it on We made it easier to leave it on So put that razor away You won’t need it anymore We wrote a treaty for the vultures and jackals On their skin, in blood of their children Their hackles rose as they smelled us coming Dancing our platitudinous two-step Along the edge of an uncanny valley Where just a little slip could send us to a broken neck We made it easier to give it up They made it easier to give it up Just give your decisions away We won’t need them anymore They made it easier to give it up We made it easier - so just give up Just do whatever they say And we’ll get our freedom back
supply 03:50
What's in the pocket of your suitcase? What's in the suitcase in your pocket? Why are you waiting? Where are you heading? What are you taking there Into the clearing? Hidden, heavy and harmful Miserable, moist, and mangled
demand 03:14
I wonder why you’re so in demand You wonder why I’m so out of hand
productivity 03:01
I've come to take the spit right from the tip of your tongue Held tightly in the grip of my golden-tipped tongs Come on and squeeze a little drip, a brightly glistening drop Don't let your concentration slip--then productivity goes down. No I don’t wanna taste your spite I don’t have space for all that waste And if I pull your tongue out tight What’ll you do to make it right for me Guess again! Come on and guess again, You owe us your dreams, and they’d better be right! I’ve written a blank check You can buy back your soul Just take this little step Go into a little debt Just let me hold you close when I feel I need you most Just let me lick the sweat from your slick, forgiving skin Cause when I say I need you dear Let us keep one thing clear It’s convenience that’s king What new ideas can you bring? Guess again! Come on and guess again, You owe us your dreams, and they’d better be right!
desire 06:30
I wanna be your robot- move like x and y, no z, no z. I never stop, I never forget. Knock me down, repeatedly. Don't be afraid. I wave; I'm friendly. I know people but not misery. I never stop, I never forget. I never shed or break or sweat, No need to polish me. Count 1, then 2 then 3, then 3 I fuck you; I do as you tell me with c, with c. I never stop. I never forget.
me for me 04:19
In the midst of the wind, branches spun away. The park was empty, you met without me. I alienate you; I guess I need a better disguise. You're turning me into a misanthrope. Weren't you supposed to love me for me? We turned and went with the wind. The ocean smoothed itself the boat sped swiftly back, but you still didn't know me. I alienate you; I should have a better disguise. You're turning me into a misanthrope. Why don't you love me for me?
I fear what your influence is doing to me dear And I worry how you act when I'm not near Have we both become too certain it's unclear So I shave off all my hair We pretend neither of us is there As we push each other down the stairs When it's all Said and done You are still just one among many We all have our part to play in the great debate On the treatment of things in a shared space Things we’ve lost and things we’d hoped we could misplace Does our jurisprudence feel Like a hastily brokered deal To make these fucking fallacies seem just a little bit real? When it’s all Said and done You are still just one among many
swarm 05:51
We gathered round you like moths to a light You were feeling bad so we swarmed to sympathize. I slowly moved my body to yours. My hand reached out to stroke your back of its own accord. I thought this was something neither of us had ever wanted, but it was inevitable, like a reflex. I felt the soft parts of you, your neck, your wings, your thighs, your stomach. We hovered Your spouse came downstairs, with your daughter. We raised our heads, as your light flickered out and the heat dissipated. I backed away from your body and the warmth was lost in the space between us. I watched you face him, halfway up the stairs. He wasn't looking at you, but at your daughter. "You are invisible, you're not the moon." We hovered
I disturb birds with my breath. They startle; dart away, land-not far enough. I keep coming. They squawk, take off again, then land above, watch as I pass. I'm chomping at the bit, prancing sideways. I'm puffed with freedom, fat with promise. I scare deer with my steps. Heads quickly raise- stare me down. I keep coming. one stamps a warning, then drops its head- when I'm barely past. Give me my head, I want free rein to jump the fence, shake my mane. But where would I go? I'm a slave to my nature. Am I a predator or prey? Something or nothing?


released November 22, 2019

written, performed, recorded by heather shore and kegan heiss in pittsburgh, pa
mastered by emilia gojlo at lugove mastering, london, uk


all rights reserved



Hemlock for Socrates Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Sounds like the sci-fi / fantasy section at the used book store


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